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15 Oct

Committee presents report on failures of government ICT projects

Ton Elias with Speaker
On Wednesday 13 October, the Temporary Committee on Government ICT Projects presented its final report on failures of government ICT projects. These failures have led to an unnecessary waste of taxpayers’ money.
1 Oct

The Dutch contribution to the fight against ISIS

The Netherlands will make six F-16s and 250 military personnel available for the international fight against ISIS. The Netherlands will also provide training and advice to Iraqi and Kurdish forces during this period. On Thursday 2 October, the House will discuss about the details of the Dutch contribution. On Monday 29 September Members of the House of Representatives were given a technical briefing on the Dutch contribution to the fight against ISIS.
26 Sep

Report on the national right to approve and amend budgetary policy from a European perspective

Presentation of the report
A working group of the Public Expenditure Committee has recently published a report on the national right to approve and amend budgetary policy from a European perspective. An executive summary and the conclusions of the report are now available in English.
26 Sep

Rapporteur discusses the House's objections to A European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO) in Paris

While in The Hague the House of Representatives held its annual general political debate on Wednesday 17 September, MP Ard van der Steur (VVD) was in Paris, in the French National Assembly, where he informed a number of European colleagues of the objections the House of Representatives has to the establishment of a European Public Prosecutor's Office.
22 Sep

Ms Van Veldhoven MP to attend climate summit in New York

Ms Stientje van Veldhoven, member of the House of Representatives, will attend the United Nations Climate Summit in New York, on 23 September, as rapporteur on behalf of the standing committee on Infrastructure and the Environment. At the Climate Summit, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon will urge the Member States to do more about climate change. He will also promote the UN climate negotiations.



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